Meet the people of Lear for Life

marco Blog November 23, 2020

🙌 Meet the people of Learn fo Life si back! 🙌

Today let us introduce you Ms Purnima Gupta, our Principal at Badi Asha School in Varanasi.

It’s always great to experience professional and human growth together with our staff. 💜

When Purnima started in 2011 she was a young teacher with not much experience but a lot of passion for her job. This is what she told us about her experience:

“I am happy now because Learn for Life has teached us women how to stand with ambition and courage. Now I have my own identity, I make my own choices. Working here gave me the power to prove myself and to get the education I needed to grow in my career”.

Thank you Purnima! 🙏

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