laundry opening in Bihac

Our project in Bosnia is beginning to take shape.... Today we are proud to announce that we have opened our laundry in Bihac! This morning we did the first wash of clothes and sleeping bags for a group of migrants from Pakistan. 65 degrees, to avoid scabies. The laundry will soon be a job opportunity for migrants and locals. More news to come soon!

    monthly food distribution

    Pandemic is not over. Therefore Learn for Life continues to bring help and relief to people struggling in India. Here some photos of our monthly distribution in collaboration with Asian Bridge India.

      News from Bosnia

      The last days we supported Red Cross Bihac in the bread distribution to the people in need, both in the camps and outside. Soon news about our own project. Stay tuned!

        Meet the people of Learn for Life

        This is Chanda! Chanda has been working with us for over 10 years. She is part of our women staff and her job is to keep the "Learn for Life Headquarters" nice and tidy. She is a very valuable presence in our team because she has a lot of respect for everyone and she is respected by everyone. Chanda lost her husband few years ago and as a widow is very important to her to have a job and a regular salary. Her daughter is a member of our kitchen staff and her grandson is one of our school students. Chanda is a dedicated worker and wherever she passes she brings peace. She can truly make any space more welcoming and comfortable!

          garbage collection in one of Bihac refugee camps

          From India to Bosnia... During a garbage collection in one of Bihac refugee' camps the refugees are wearing masks made in Varanasi by the Learn for Life Tailoring Empowerment Project.

            back to school !

            We are very happy to announce that since a few weeks our Badi Asha School is - partially - active again! Every day for two hours it is open for former students of the school, from grade 9 to 11, for our Coaching Classes. In total safety and in compliance with the hygiene rules for Covid-19, children can study, review and deepen all school subjects. In some cases, for many kids it is the only opportunity they have to do their homework and study in a quiet place. Therefore is really important to keep on supporting them in their education process. Now, more than ever, we are really looking forward to have all our kids back at school!

              bosnia update

              With our small help SOS Bihac was able to improve the healthcare system in Lipa camp. In just one month, the percentage of scabies infections dropped from 95% to 5%. All this would not have been possible without your precious donations. Thank you.

                HELP REFUGEES – BOSNIA

                Dear friends, We recently have spent a week in Bihac and Lipa, to see the terrible, unberable circumstances in which refugees are currently living. What we saw left us dismayed. Around 8000 refugees live in intolerable conditions with no protection from the cold, no electricity and insufficient water and food. All they have is a hot meal per day. Moreover, contagious diseases are rampant (95% of the camp inmates are infected with Scabies), and there is only very limited medical help and medication. These people are left alone, abandoned to their squalid condition. Some, who no longer are housed in the "camp", survive in the forest under plastic sheets. Public funds for the care of the people seem to trickle away and there are recurring violent police operations to prevent the refugees from moving on. Luckily some NGOs on the territory are incredibly committed and we could see with our eyes how impressive their help is. However, money is lacking everywhere. THEY NEED YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT! In the next few weeks we will come back to Bosnia to distribute donations. The Learn for Life project in India of course is continuing, but we simply feel that something needs to be done in the short term to prevent people from dying. To support: DONATION DETAILS Account: Learn for Life/Subkonto Bosnienhilfe: Iban: AT85 3258 5003 0200 6195 Bic: RLNWATWWOBG DONATION DETAILS FOR ITALY (Please specify Bosnia in the payment description) Learn For Life Italia OdV Banca: Crèdit Agricole Cariparma IBAN: IT 93 S 06230 02402 000057650664 BIC: CRPP IT 2 P

                  pforzheimer kurier

                    It’s cooking time!

                    Welcome to our cooking class in Varanasi. Sakchi Madame is leading today's lesson about restaurant standard cooking skills. Our responsibility?      To train and provide monthly salary and free healthcare to all our trainees. Our aim?      To manage more food distribution to children and people in need on a daily basis in       Varanasi. Coming soon: vocational training dedicated especially to women coming from difficult situations.

                      All three branches organise delegations of members for regular annual visits
                      to the locations of the projects in India in order to supervise projects
                      “implementation and make assessments for future projects”
                      development and steps ahead.