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    It’s cooking time!

    Welcome to our cooking class in Varanasi. Sakchi Madame is leading today's lesson about restaurant standard cooking skills. Our responsibility?      To train and provide monthly salary and free healthcare to all our trainees. Our aim?      To manage more food distribution to children and people in need on a daily basis in       Varanasi. Coming soon: vocational training dedicated especially to women coming from difficult situations.

      Meet the People of LFL

      Today we want you to meet two of our former students. Shivani and Aasif! Shivani is 21 years old, and was one of our very first students when the Badi Asha School opened in 2005 (!). She was a brilliant child and it's not surprising at all that she successfully graduated in History and Sociology. Shivani works now in our kindergarten and we are very happy to have her on board in the LFL team. With Aasif we start from today, inside our Organic German Bakeshop in Delhi, where he's mastering his knowledge and professional education in baking. He's worked with us since some time and during the Covid crisis he was in charge of the quality check and control of the food production for the food distribution activities in Varanasi. He joined our vocational training quite early after school, being in need of getting a profession to support his family. We are very glad to have given him this opportunity and we are 100% sure he'll be soon a master baker! Till the next "episode"...

        Badi Asha School Update

        Fact number 1: we really miss our students! Our school is closed since March but we are trying our best to keep the education process going and to take care of our students and their families. What we are doing: Daily distribution of food rations to our students; Online lessons to middle classes students (free tablets and internet connection); Education kit distribution to small children (class books, colouring books, pencils, colours etc.) Soon starting again: afternoon coaching classes from class 9 to 12! We are really looking forward to be back to normality! In the meantime a few "archive" pictures from last year.

          Christmas Time overview

          The new year has just started and we would like to thank you all for your support throughout 2020. Especially to all the donors that made a donation for Christmas or that "gifted" it to family and friends. Thanks to your generous contribution we could bring relief and assistance to many people facing great difficulties in these times. So THANK YOU! This is a little overview of what we have done during the Christmas time. Thanks to you we could distribute warm blankets and clothes to people living in the streets of Varanasi and Delhi; thanks to you we donated food supplies to many families facing a big crisis in these times. Furthermore, we could support not only our students and families of the Badi Asha School, but also other children that could not go to school since last March. To them we distributed as well food, books, pens and warm blankets. We want to start this year feeling grateful for the help of friends from all over the world, as well from the Learn for Life Empowerment Project employees, volunteers and collaborating associations. We hope that in 2021 we can continue working with solidarity, compassion and the usual enthusiasm. Together we can do great things!

            Merry Christmas

            Merry Christmas to all our friends and supporters!

              About Us

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                Some updates on the Tailoring Project

                Did you know that professional tailoring is normally considered as a "man's job" in India? 🧵 That's why in this context to acquire professional tailoring skills for a woman becomes truly empowering. 💪 The Learn for Life Tailoring Project train women to design and produce tailored goods and create job opportunities for them. We started the project in 2016 with the idea of giving economically indipendence to some mothers of our Badi Asha students and to some other women of the neighborhood who are widows or divorced, or have difficult situations at home. The women in our atelier are mostly Muslims but there are also some Hindus. Our idea – that applies also to the school and our bakery – is to create an environment where religion is not a reason of conflict. Moreover, the economical empowerment often changes quite drastically the family dynamics at home. Economically indipendence often means also more freedom and a better life. In few years the project got bigger and thanks to the hard work of our tailors and to our collaborations with @Bindaas Unlimited, today we are proud to be able to sell our hand made products in the LFL Online Shop. Check it out 👉 https://learnforlifeshop.com/ 100% of profits goes back to further support the project. 🌺

                  the perfect gift in our online shop

                  Find the perfect gift in the Learn for Life online shop! - handmade shirts with block print patterns - 100% of the profits goes back to the women empowerment project in Varanasi - free shipping in the EU

                    Meet the people of Lear for Life

                    🙌 Meet the people of Learn fo Life si back! 🙌 Today let us introduce you Ms Purnima Gupta, our Principal at Badi Asha School in Varanasi. It's always great to experience professional and human growth together with our staff. 💜 When Purnima started in 2011 she was a young teacher with not much experience but a lot of passion for her job. This is what she told us about her experience: "I am happy now because Learn for Life has teached us women how to stand with ambition and courage. Now I have my own identity, I make my own choices. Working here gave me the power to prove myself and to get the education I needed to grow in my career". Thank you Purnima! 🙏

                      All three branches organise delegations of members for regular annual visits
                      to the locations of the projects in India in order to supervise projects
                      “implementation and make assessments for future projects”
                      development and steps ahead.