INDIAN EXPRESS 8th September 2023

    Tourism Project in Bosnia

    Learn for Life is spending the summer in Bihac to organize and get the project off to a good start. A few days ago we had our first guests, a couple of German tourists. We showed them our laundry project and then we accompanied them to the Nationaol Park to enjoy the Martin Brod waterfalls. Together with them we had a lot of fun and we could connect with local organization and people for different activities. Developing tourism in the area will allow us to create more jobs for local people and support the laundry services for refugees and locals. We still have a lot to do but we are excited to dedicate ourselves to this new project!

      Meet the People of Learn for Life

      Naaz, Saida, Shaheen, Shama, Nahida, Saroj, Manju, Reashma, Firdous, Raju, Isharat, Khusbu Farooqui, Khushbu Gupta and Kashifa! These are the wonderful women of our tailoring program! Some have been with us for a long time, others have recently joined as trainees and are learning the craft under the supervision of the more experienced ones. An all women-staff of empowered women! The atelier produces masks for distribution and all the garments for the Learn for Life shop.

        Drawing the Lockdown

        The children of Badi Asha School tell us with colors and pencils what it means to them to be in lockdown. Our lessons are back online for now. A big thank you to all of our teaching staff for the commitment and dedication with which they continue to care for our students. Dear children, we will all be back in class together soon!

          laundry opening in Bihac

          Our project in Bosnia is beginning to take shape.... Today we are proud to announce that we have opened our laundry in Bihac! This morning we did the first wash of clothes and sleeping bags for a group of migrants from Pakistan. 65 degrees, to avoid scabies. The laundry will soon be a job opportunity for migrants and locals. More news to come soon!

            monthly food distribution

            Pandemic is not over. Therefore Learn for Life continues to bring help and relief to people struggling in India. Here some photos of our monthly distribution in collaboration with Asian Bridge India.

              News from Bosnia

              The last days we supported Red Cross Bihac in the bread distribution to the people in need, both in the camps and outside. Soon news about our own project. Stay tuned!

                Meet the people of Learn for Life

                This is Chanda! Chanda has been working with us for over 10 years. She is part of our women staff and her job is to keep the "Learn for Life Headquarters" nice and tidy. She is a very valuable presence in our team because she has a lot of respect for everyone and she is respected by everyone. Chanda lost her husband few years ago and as a widow is very important to her to have a job and a regular salary. Her daughter is a member of our kitchen staff and her grandson is one of our school students. Chanda is a dedicated worker and wherever she passes she brings peace. She can truly make any space more welcoming and comfortable!

                  garbage collection in one of Bihac refugee camps

                  From India to Bosnia... During a garbage collection in one of Bihac refugee' camps the refugees are wearing masks made in Varanasi by the Learn for Life Tailoring Empowerment Project.

                    All three branches organise delegations of members for regular annual visits
                    to the locations of the projects in India in order to supervise projects
                    “implementation and make assessments for future projects”
                    development and steps ahead.