Learn for Life Austria

Hilfe für Kinder Indiens

Learn for Life, Hilfe für Kinder Indiens is an Austrian non-profit charitable society founded in 2007 and its main activities are related to fundraising and promotion for projects in India. In fact, the society organises events in order to raise awareness about poverty, gender discriminations and other important social issues in Austria. They carry on a great work in raising funds to sustain different projects in India. Moreover, the Austrian team plays an important role in the recruitment and training of volunteers for the implementation of several projects in the subcontinent. Moreover, the society boasts good connections with government institutions.

    Learn for Life Germany

    Deustchland E.V.

    Learn for Life Deustchland E.V. is a non-profit charitable society active since 2005 with its head-quarter in Berlin, Germany. Among its various projects, the society is involved in activities of fundraising, raise of awareness and volunteers’ recruitment and training for the support of various projects in India. The society organises regular workshops in German schools for sensitization toward important social issues like poverty and different forms of discriminations faced by marginalised communities in India. It proactively collaborates with several German Trusts for the implementation of different projects in India.

      Learn for Life Italy


      Learn for Life Italia is a voluntary association established in 2018, in Milan, Italy. The association is involved in spreading awareness about international cooperation, the encounter between diverse cultures and social inclusion through workshops held in Italian schools and Universities. It plays an important role in the recruitment and training of Italian volunteers sent to follow projects in India.    

        All three branches organise delegations of members for regular annual visits
        to the locations of the projects in India in order to supervise projects
        “implementation and make assessments for future projects”
        development and steps ahead.