Badi Asha in Hindi means “Big Hope”. The school provides free education, for around 167 children fron kindergarten to grade 6, from the ages of 4 to 16 years, who reside in the impoverished Aurangabad district of Varanasi.

In addition to a child-focused and creativity centred education and a safe environment for learning and play, we provide our students with uniforms, school supplies, as well as 2 healthy organic meals and healthcare free of cost for the children and their families.
Further, we provide assistance with secondary school tuition for our alumni.

We give great importance to the pedagogy aspect, in fact we design and implement regular training sessions for our teachers and our approach is based on non-traditional methods of education and pedagogy, inspired by the philosophies of Montessori, Steiner, and Krishnamurti.

Beside the regular curriculum we focus on art, music, drama and gardening which we use also in a therapeutic way for students with special needs. For our students and community members we offer computer training.

In the school, a Gender Equality Program leaded by Asian Bridge Foundation was offered to our ex-students and school staff. In 2022, we completed the first phase of the program, called the ‘Behavior Change for Gender Equality’, with the goal of increasing the understanding of gender-based violence and its underpinning root-causes in Indian society.