Some updates on the Tailoring Project

admin Blog December 8, 2020

Did you know that professional tailoring is normally considered as a “man’s job” in India? ?
That’s why in this context to acquire professional tailoring skills for a woman becomes truly empowering. ?

The Learn for Life Tailoring Project train women to design and produce tailored goods and create job opportunities for them.

We started the project in 2016 with the idea of giving economically indipendence to some mothers of our Badi Asha students and to some other women of the neighborhood who are widows or divorced, or have difficult situations at home. The women in our atelier are mostly Muslims but there are also some Hindus. Our idea – that applies also to the school and our bakery – is to create an environment where religion is not a reason of conflict.

Moreover, the economical empowerment often changes quite drastically the family dynamics at home. Economically indipendence often means also more freedom and a better life.

In few years the project got bigger and thanks to the hard work of our tailors and to our collaborations with @Bindaas Unlimited, today we are proud to be able to sell our hand made products in the LFL Online Shop.

Check it out ?

100% of profits goes back to further support the project. ?

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