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marco Blog January 11, 2021
Today we want you to meet two of our former students. Shivani and Aasif!
Shivani is 21 years old, and was one of our very first students when the Badi Asha School opened in 2005 (!). She was a brilliant child and it’s not surprising at all that she successfully graduated in History and Sociology. Shivani works now in our kindergarten and we are very happy to have her on board in the LFL team.

With Aasif we start from today, inside our Organic German Bakeshop

in Delhi, where he’s mastering his knowledge and professional education in baking. He’s worked with us since some time and during the Covid crisis he was in charge of the quality check and control of the food production for the food distribution activities in Varanasi.

He joined our vocational training quite early after school, being in need of getting a profession to support his family.
We are very glad to have given him this opportunity and we are 100% sure he’ll be soon a master baker!
Till the next “episode”… 🥰

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