Learn for Life Tour in Delhi !!

marco Blog Settembre 30, 2019

We have a great news!
Learn for Life walking tours come to Delhi!
From now on it’s possible to book guided walking tours and explore the hidden treasure of Delhi with us!
The profit will be used to further support our project.

for info and bookings contact us at sara17@brownbreadbakery.com
or via whatsapp (between 8am-5pm) at : +91 8130225688

One thought on “Learn for Life Tour in Delhi !!

  1. Gabriele

    We had very interesting tour for 4.5 Hours through old market, brass handiworkets, spice market, mosque, ice delvery, fabrics market. Every question also about habits or indian society in general was answered. The tour ends with a snack and we can only highly recommend it. Time just flew by.

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